Selecting a suppressor, modular overview, 105 vs 155 vs 195

Selecting a suppressor:

With so many options and configurations available, it can feel difficult to select the right suppressor for you. Thanks to JK Armament’s Mission Configurable designs, our suppressors are fully modular and highly adaptable, making them much more universal and user-friendly than the competition.

Broadly speaking there are shotgun, rifle, and pistol suppressors and if you have firearms that you’d like to suppress in each of those categories then you’ll be looking at a minimum of three suppressors. JK Armament’s 155 series, however, can work on both rifles and pistols, so one suppressor can serve double duty across both of those categories, both centerfire and rimfire.

Bore size:

A suppressor with a larger bore can be used on smaller calibers, but larger calibers cannot be fired through a smaller-caliber suppressor. For instance, firing 223/5.56 through a 308/7.62 suppressor is totally fine, but doing the opposite would be catastrophic. Likewise with 9mm through a .45 cal suppressor. Therefore, if you’re looking for a single suppressor to work across multiple rifles you’ll want it to be rated for the largest caliber you plan to suppress. We love a good .30 caliber suppressor for use on 223/5.56, 6.5mm, 7mm, 308/7.62, and much more.

On the flip side, a silencer is most efficient when its bore is sized more closely to the projectile diameter. The name of the game in firearm sound suppression is redirecting, controlling, and cooling down the combustion gasses before they leave the muzzle of the suppressor, and a tight bore diameter will strip more gas away into the baffles than an oversized bore diameter will. Therefore, for example, 9mm fired through a 9mm suppressor will be a bit quieter than 9mm fired through a .45 suppressor.


The next consideration when selecting a suppressor is what material it’s made out of. This is always a balancing act between cost, weight, and durability. We suggest choosing the lightest weight suppressor that is durable enough to withstand the types of shooting, rates of fire, and calibers that align with your planned use.

While length and weight are huge concerns when choosing suppressors from most other brands, JK Armament’s Mission Configurable suppressors are easily customized by the end user to adjust length, weight, and sound suppression level based on your mission, your preferences, and your firearms.

Mission Configurable Modular Overview:

JK Armament suppressors are Mission Configurable. First and foremost, this means our suppressors are completely modular. Each and every baffle can be removed or added to match the suppression requirements of each of your firearms, your mission, and your preferences, balancing length and weight with sound suppression performance.

Mission Configurable also means swappable end caps. Whether that’s on our 195 series of 12 gauge shotgun suppressors where the choke caps affect shot pattern constriction or it’s on our 155 or 105 series where end caps are available in different bore sizes and different styles, such as flash hiders and compensators, swappable end caps customize performance to your mission.

Mission Configurable, for most of our suppressors, also means swappable mounting systems. Direct thread, quick attach, 3-Lug, pistol boosters, and more. Whether it’s for semi-auto pistol use, long-range precision use, or quickly attaching and detaching between multiple guns, our suppressors are easily configured for the mounting system and style of your choice.

Finally, in some cases – in particular with our VSX custom suppressors! – Mission Configurable may include the ability to swap between baffles of different materials, designs, and bore sizes. For instance, easily reconfigure your suppressor from a lightweight, 9mm pistol suppressor into a hard-use, 5.56 SBR suppressor by swapping out aluminum 9mm baffles for 17-4 stainless steel rifle baffles.

105 vs 155 vs 195 Series

JK’s suppressor series designation is based on outside diameter. Our 105 series is a 1.05” diameter, the 155 series is a 1.55” diameter, and the 195 series is a 1.95” diameter.

  • 105 Series:
    • For rimfire and 5.7x28mm use
    • For 9mm and smaller concealed carry pistol use
    • Lightweight and compact
  • 155 Series:
    • For rifle use including SBRs, precision rifles, hunting rifles, machine guns, pistol caliber carbines, lever action rifles, and more.
    • For pistol use
    • Can be used on all firearms that the 105 Series is designed for, it’s just larger
    • Available in multiple materials and lengths to match your planned use (rate of fire, primarily), suppression needs, and budget
  • 195 Series:
    • For 12 Gauge shotgun use

CCX/RFX hybrid build. Two suppressors, one stamp!

  • LT Main Tube
  • LT Tone Tuner
  • .22 cal HD Rimfire baffle
  • (5x) .22 cal LT Rimfire baffles
  • (5x) 9mm LT Pistol baffles
  • .22 cal LT End Cap
  • 9mm LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 CCX Pistol Thread Mount
  • 5/8x24 CCX Lever Gun Thread Mount (if you own a lever action gun threaded 5/8x24 in a CCX-compatible caliber such as .38/.357)

With the CCX/RFX build you can suppress all of your rimfire rifles and pistols plus anything in 5.7x28mm. It’s also a Mission Configurable 9mm pistol, PCC, and lever gun suppressor that’s capable of being run in a full configuration for training on the shooting range and a short configuration for concealed carry. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t need a booster on the vast majority of 9mm pistols!

Short, minimalist rimfire rifle build:

  • LT Main Tube
  • (4x) .22 cal LT Rimfire baffles
  • .22 cal LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 RFX Rifle Thread Mount

A 22 LR rifle or carbine with a 16-inch or longer barrel doesn’t leave a lot of work for the suppressor to do, so you don’t need many baffles to achieve impressively quiet performance! With the minimalist rimfire rifle build length, weight, and cost are reduced to the lowest levels possible, while still achieving Hollywood quiet plinking performance from rifle-length barrels.

CCX long for centerfire lever action rifles:

  • LT Main Tube
  • LT Tone Tuner
  • (8x) 9mm LT Pistol baffles
  • 9mm LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 RFX Thread Mount and/or 5/8x24 CCX Lever Gun Thread Mount depending on your rifle’s thread size

Designed for use on lever action rifles and carbines chambered in .38/.357 caliber and smaller, the CCX long build optimizes suppression performance on revolver/lever gun cartridges with its Tone Tuner and eight baffles.

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Example Build 1
Example Build 2
  • 155 Series
  • HD base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .30 cal HD Rifle
    • 4x .30 cal PRO Rifle
    • 5x 9mm LT Pistol
  • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Hider
    • 1x .30 cal LT Compensator
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x PRO QA Taper Mount
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount
    • 1x 5/8x24 Thread Mount
    • 2x .22 cal Bald Eagle
    • 2x .30 cal Bald Eagle
    • 1x 9mm Bald Eagle
    • 1x 1/2x28 Pistol Booster

With this build I can suppress every .30 caliber and smaller rifle and every 9mm and smaller pistol in my collection. Whether I’m running my AR-15 or AR-10 hard – even full-auto – or I’m on a spot-and-stalk hunt with a lightweight bolt-action rifle, or I’m plinking or varmint hunting with a rimfire rifle, or I’m shooting pistols and pistol caliber carbines in 9mm or smaller, this one suppressor can be configured so it’s ideally suited for each and every one of those things and more.

Heck, if I also owned a 45 ACP pistol and/or a 458 SOCOM rifle or a .45 cal lever action I could add 5x .45 cal LT and/or PRO Pistol baffles and have those guns covered, too!

  • 105 Series
  • LT base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .22 cal HD Rimfire
    • 6x .22 cal LT Rimfire
    • 6x 9mm LT Pistol
    • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Reducer
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount

With this build I can suppress all of my rimfire rifles and pistols plus anything in 5.7x28mm. It’s also a Mission Configurable 9mm pistol and PCC suppressor that’s capable of being run in a full configuration for training on the shooting range and a short configuration for concealed carry. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t need a booster!