JK BALD EAGLE 12GA is an Over The Barrel Muzzle Device (OBMD) it can be used as a stand-alone muzzle device or with our 195 series compensators and suppressors.

*The choke system for controlling shot pattern is located in the end cap of both the VERSAX12 and SGX12. They ship with an improved cylinder choke; additional chokes are available for purchase Here.

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Product Description

The JK BALD EAGLE 12GA Over Barrel Muzzle Device (OBMD) installs on shotgun barrels with external threads. Designed as a gas-sealing QD mount for our JK 195 series of 12 gauge shotgun suppressors and our 195 LT SUPER Comp, the OBMD can also be used as a stand-along muzzle device.

The BALD EAGLE 12GA OBMD does not change the shot pattern restriction level or choke, if any, already built into your shotgun’s barrel. As the choke system for controlling shot pattern restriction is located in the end cap of our 195 suppressors, the OBMD can remain installed while the Choke Cap is easily swapped in seconds with no specialized tools required. Choke Caps in different levels of shot pattern restriction are available HERE.

*Blue Loctite – Recommended

Material: 17-4 Stainless


Finish: DLC Coated