JK 155 RCX™ .30cal


Introducing the all-new JK 155 RCX™ Suppressor designed for rifle suppression.


Configurable from 3.6” - 8.5” Choose the length and sound suppression that is right for you.


A mere 3.6oz in micro configuration the compact system keeps the weight down or stack it up for maximum suppression.


Threaded in HUB industry-standard 1.375-24 for maximum compatibility. No specialized tools are needed.

All NFA Rules Apply

To purchase this item you have to live in one of the approved states of Suppressor Ownership. This product will be transferred to you through the eFile Form 4 process by your local dealer. To ensure a speedy process, we will be asking for your preferred local FFL/SOT Class 3 Dealer in your area at checkout, if you don't have one we will help you find one. All Non-FFL items in your cart will ship to your shipping address used at checkout.

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Product Description


(1) JK 155 LT Quick Attach Taper Mount

(1) JK 155 LT 2.5” Tube

(1) JK 155 PRO Rifle Baffle

(7) JK 155 LT Rifle Baffle

(1) JK 155 LT Flash Cut End Cap

The RCX is an extremely lightweight, robust, and strong suppressor. Optimized for the following calibers and minimum barrel length recommendations.

223 REM/5.56 NATO - 14.5“ ̋ Min BBL
300 Blackout - 7.5” ̋ Min BBL
7.62x39mm - 8.5” Min BBL
243 WIN - 16” ̋ Min BBL
308 Win/7.62x51 NATO - 16” ̋ Min BBL
6.5 Creedmoor - 16” ̋ Min BBL 7mm
REM MAG - 20” ̋ Min BBL
300 WIN MAG - 20” ̋ Min BBL

Product Specs


Length: 3.3”- 8.5” (Configurable)

Diameter: 1.55”

Weight: 3.6 - 11.5oz (Configurable)

Color: Black

Material:Ti-6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium & 7075 Billet Aluminum

Coating: Type 3 Hard Anodize & Armor Black C-192 Cerakote

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