JK 105 CCX™ 9mm

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So lightweight it doesn’t need a booster! Transitions from range use to concealed carry use The only ultra-compact, 9mm silencer that’s durable enough to train with every day Easily converts to a great rimfire suppressor by swapping the End Cap

The JK 105 CCX 9MM is the first and only 9mm suppressor capable of going from the shooting range to your concealed carry rig! It’s so compact and lightweight that it runs on 9mm pistols without a booster!

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JK Armament CCX 9mm Silencer

JK Armament’s Tone Technology produces a more solid, deeper tone that’s more pleasing to the ear. While the JK 105 CCX 9MM can absolutely be run dry, it sounds best run wet with the addition of small amounts of petroleum jelly inside its baffles.

JK Armament is very proud to bring the first practical, concealable 9mm pistol suppressor to the market with the JK 105 CCX 9MM! Clearly, it isn’t as quiet as our larger pistol suppressors such as the VERSAX 9MM and PCX 9MM, but that isn’t the point. The 105 CCX is designed to live on your concealed carry gun and protect your hearing should you have to use it.


JK Armament CCX 9mm Silencer

In full configuration, especially when run wet with the addition of a small amount of petroleum jelly, this teeny little silencer sounds surprisingly good during range practice. Off the range, it’s small enough and light enough, especially with a baffle or two removed, to disappear in your concealed carry rig while still providing hearing protection.

The 105 CCX is the first ever concealable, micro 9mm suppressor that’s durable enough to use regularly for fun and for practice. In fact, it’s even rated for use on other calibers up to and including 357 Magnum (see Barrel and Caliber Ratings chart below).

JK Armament CCX 9mm Silencer

At a ridiculously lightweight 2.5 ounces in its full configuration and an almost unbelievable 1.2 ounces in its shortest configuration, the 105 CCX runs reliably on all sorts of semi-automatic pistols without the use of a booster. Not only does this save weight and complexity, but it also means your pistol operates, feels, and balances almost exactly how it does when unsuppressed.

Mission Configurable, the 105 CCX moves seamlessly between range and carry. By adding or removing baffles, the 105 CCX adapts to your size and suppression needs and disassembles for cleaning, all without specialized tools (any standard 1-inch wrench works). Swappable mounts and front caps allow it to be run on pistols of various calibers, and it can be run either dry or wet.

JK Armament CCX 9mm Silencer


(1) JK 105 LT Thread Mount 1/2×28 TPI

(1) JK 105 LT 1.3” Tube

(1) JK 105 LT Tube Extension

(5) JK 105 LT Pistol Baffle

(1) JK 105 LT CCK Flash Reducer End Cap


Spec NameSpec Value
Length: 1.9”- 4.6”(Configurable)
Length No Mount: 1.55”- 4.25”(Configurable)
Diameter: 1.05”
Tools: All outside flats use the JK Armament Wrench or standard 1'' SAE American tools.
Weight: 1.2 - 2.5oz (Configurable)
9x19mm, 380 ACP, 32 ACP, 25 ACP, 30 Super Carry, 38 Super, 38 Special Sporting: No Minimum Barrel Length
Minimum Barrel Length: 357 Magnum Sporting: 16"


Pride and quality workmanship goes into all of our American-made, JK products, and we stand behind them! WE GUARANTEE OUR PRODUCTS

2 reviews for JK 105 CCX™ 9mm

  1. Darren

    First off, wow! I bought two of these when JK was running a “something percent off” promo a while back, deal was too good to pass up! Anyways, in the short configuration, the gun runs absolutely FLAWLESSLY! (Running it on a Taurus G3C *believe it or not* – with standard 115g ball and JHP- also tried some 165g ball ammo and 135 subsonic JHP— all ran flawlessly!)

    **Here’s the reason this review isn’t 5 stars**

    In the long configuration the gun doesn’t cycle. (Using again the Taurus G3C and also the Glock 45 gen 5 with all the fore mentioned ammo types, and non of it cycles in the long configuration.) NOW! This may not be the suppressors fault… but I don’t know what to do to fix this. I’ll be calling JK when they are open to talk to someone about this and see if I can get some assistance!

    Overall, the SOUND of these cans are very very impressive! And even saying that is a massive understatement! You’ll have to hear it yourself to understand. (These are by no means silent, but even in the shortest configuration, 100% hearing safe in my opinion, and I feel I have fairly sensitive ears). I plan to have a long relationship with JK and their products!

    ***both guns have red dots on them, so I’m not sure if that matters? Glock has the Holosun 507c and the Taurus has the Vortex Venom.

  2. William Uhl

    What a Super Easy to use can. All hosts that I have tried it on worked flawless, just screwed it on and bam, quiet. Also worked well on rimfire with the .22 end cap and same results. Also being able to remove baffles makes this user configurable, which is one of the best features. Running it wet really makes cleaning a breeze. Also, JK support is awesome, I have sent them questions and received really a really quick response from the team. You all really knocked it out of the park with this one!

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CCX/RFX hybrid build. Two suppressors, one stamp!

  • LT Main Tube
  • LT Tone Tuner
  • .22 cal HD Rimfire baffle
  • (5x) .22 cal LT Rimfire baffles
  • (5x) 9mm LT Pistol baffles
  • .22 cal LT End Cap
  • 9mm LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 CCX Pistol Thread Mount
  • 5/8x24 CCX Lever Gun Thread Mount (if you own a lever action gun threaded 5/8x24 in a CCX-compatible caliber such as .38/.357)

With the CCX/RFX build you can suppress all of your rimfire rifles and pistols plus anything in 5.7x28mm. It’s also a Mission Configurable 9mm pistol, PCC, and lever gun suppressor that’s capable of being run in a full configuration for training on the shooting range and a short configuration for concealed carry. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t need a booster on the vast majority of 9mm pistols!

Short, minimalist rimfire rifle build:

  • LT Main Tube
  • (4x) .22 cal LT Rimfire baffles
  • .22 cal LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 RFX Rifle Thread Mount

A 22 LR rifle or carbine with a 16-inch or longer barrel doesn’t leave a lot of work for the suppressor to do, so you don’t need many baffles to achieve impressively quiet performance! With the minimalist rimfire rifle build length, weight, and cost are reduced to the lowest levels possible, while still achieving Hollywood quiet plinking performance from rifle-length barrels.

CCX long for centerfire lever action rifles:

  • LT Main Tube
  • LT Tone Tuner
  • (8x) 9mm LT Pistol baffles
  • 9mm LT End Cap
  • 1/2x28 RFX Thread Mount and/or 5/8x24 CCX Lever Gun Thread Mount depending on your rifle’s thread size

Designed for use on lever action rifles and carbines chambered in .38/.357 caliber and smaller, the CCX long build optimizes suppression performance on revolver/lever gun cartridges with its Tone Tuner and eight baffles.

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Example Build 1
Example Build 2
  • 155 Series
  • HD base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .30 cal HD Rifle
    • 4x .30 cal PRO Rifle
    • 5x 9mm LT Pistol
  • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Hider
    • 1x .30 cal LT Compensator
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x PRO QA Taper Mount
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount
    • 1x 5/8x24 Thread Mount
    • 2x .22 cal Bald Eagle
    • 2x .30 cal Bald Eagle
    • 1x 9mm Bald Eagle
    • 1x 1/2x28 Pistol Booster

With this build I can suppress every .30 caliber and smaller rifle and every 9mm and smaller pistol in my collection. Whether I’m running my AR-15 or AR-10 hard – even full-auto – or I’m on a spot-and-stalk hunt with a lightweight bolt-action rifle, or I’m plinking or varmint hunting with a rimfire rifle, or I’m shooting pistols and pistol caliber carbines in 9mm or smaller, this one suppressor can be configured so it’s ideally suited for each and every one of those things and more.

Heck, if I also owned a 45 ACP pistol and/or a 458 SOCOM rifle or a .45 cal lever action I could add 5x .45 cal LT and/or PRO Pistol baffles and have those guns covered, too!

  • 105 Series
  • LT base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .22 cal HD Rimfire
    • 6x .22 cal LT Rimfire
    • 6x 9mm LT Pistol
    • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Reducer
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount

With this build I can suppress all of my rimfire rifles and pistols plus anything in 5.7x28mm. It’s also a Mission Configurable 9mm pistol and PCC suppressor that’s capable of being run in a full configuration for training on the shooting range and a short configuration for concealed carry. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t need a booster!