Pistol Boosters!

What are they, pros, cons, 105 CCX vs 155, etc.

JK Armament manufactures two very different suppressors for pistols! Here are some pros, cons, and tips to help you choose the right setup for you.

Pistol Booster:

When a typical, semi-automatic pistol is fired, the barrel moves rearward with the slide for a short distance before the barrel stops and the slide continues its travel. The mass of a silencer screwed to the end of the barrel impedes this rearward motion and, without a booster, is likely to cause a malfunction that stops the pistol’s operation. Through the use of a spring and piston, a pistol booster effectively isolates the mass of the silencer from the barrel’s rearward motion, allowing the pistol to operate reliably.

A pistol booster is required for suppressors weighing more than approximately 4.5 ounces. Therefore, with a JK 155 series suppressor, you’re likely to need a booster, and with a JK 105 series suppressor, you won’t need one.

Pistol Booster Pros and Cons:

Not requiring a booster has some obvious advantages. No booster means the JK 105 is a simpler, more budget-friendly option than a pistol suppressor that needs a booster to operate. Because the extremely lightweight suppressor is affixed directly to the barrel with no moving parts, the recoil impulse feels just like it does without a suppressor, whereas the addition of a pistol booster changes the feel of the gun’s operation.

On the flip side, operating without a booster requires the suppressor to be extremely light. This means limiting its size and length, which also means limiting its ultimate sound suppression capability. The larger JK 155 series is going to be quieter than the smaller JK 105 series.

CCX 105 series vs. 155 series

The 105 CCX is the first and only pistol suppressor that is capable of concealed carry in many standard holsters – or is small and light enough to conceal carry in the first place – AND can also be used as much as you want on the range for practice and fun. In its longer configurations it’s fairly quiet for training and range time, and in its shorter configurations it’s great for CCW while still providing some hearing protection.

Cons to the 105 CCX are that it’s only available for 9mm and smaller pistol calibers, and that it isn’t as quiet as the larger-diameter JK 155 series.

The JK 155 series is a fantastic, Mission Configurable suppressor that can be used on many different firearms and is available for many different pistol (and rifle) calibers up to .50 Cal. It’s very quiet and works great on all sorts of pistols, pistol caliber carbines, lever actions, submachine guns, and more.

Cons of the JK 155 series compared to the CCX are just its larger size and weight. In most (but not all!) configurations it requires a pistol booster to operate reliably on a semi-automatic pistol, and its 1.55-inch diameter makes it too large to fit in typical holsters.

If you ask us, we say get ‘em both! The CCX is next-level cool and offers concealed carry and self-defense options that are difficult with a larger suppressor. The 155 is super quiet on the range and can be used on far more calibers and types of firearms.

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Example Build 1
Example Build 2
  • 155 Series
  • HD base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .30 cal HD Rifle
    • 4x .30 cal PRO Rifle
    • 5x 9mm LT Pistol
  • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Hider
    • 1x .30 cal LT Compensator
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x PRO QA Taper Mount
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount
    • 1x 5/8x24 Thread Mount
    • 2x .22 cal Bald Eagle
    • 2x .30 cal Bald Eagle
    • 1x 9mm Bald Eagle
    • 1x 1/2x28 Pistol Booster

With this build I can suppress every .30 caliber and smaller rifle and every 9mm and smaller pistol in my collection. Whether I’m running my AR-15 or AR-10 hard – even full-auto – or I’m on a spot-and-stalk hunt with a lightweight bolt-action rifle, or I’m plinking or varmint hunting with a rimfire rifle, or I’m shooting pistols and pistol caliber carbines in 9mm or smaller, this one suppressor can be configured so it’s ideally suited for each and every one of those things and more.

Heck, if I also owned a 45 ACP pistol and/or a 458 SOCOM rifle or a .45 cal lever action I could add 5x .45 cal LT and/or PRO Pistol baffles and have those guns covered, too!

  • 105 Series
  • LT base tube
  • Baffles:
    • 1x .22 cal HD Rimfire
    • 6x .22 cal LT Rimfire
    • 6x 9mm LT Pistol
    • LT Extension Tube
  • End Caps:
    • 1x .22 cal LT Flash Reducer
    • 1x 9mm LT Flash Reducer
  • Mounts:
    • 1x 1/2x28 Thread Mount

With this build I can suppress all of my rimfire rifles and pistols plus anything in 5.7x28mm. It’s also a Mission Configurable 9mm pistol and PCC suppressor that’s capable of being run in a full configuration for training on the shooting range and a short configuration for concealed carry. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t need a booster!